Export All Files from your Locker:

In the Locker settings menu, choose "Export All Files". This will create a .zip file containing all your Locker files, which you can choose to share or send wherever you need to. This will export everything contained in the app, even if there is an issue displaying the item inside the app.

Export individual files from your Locker:

You can also export files individually by holding down on an item in your Locker, and choosing "Share".

Export all items to a Mac or PC if the app is not working:

Even if there is ever an issue with the app, or for any reason these options do not work, or you cannot access the app, you can still Export all your files to a Mac or PC:

On Mac, plug your iPhone into your Mac and open Finder. On the left hand sidebar, select your device, then choose Files > Locker > Data. Drag this folder onto your computer to save it.

On PC, download the iExplorer app from https://macroplant.com/iexplorer. On the lefthand side, choose your device, then Apps > Locker > Documents > Data. Drag this folder to your computer.